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The Sword in Anglo-Saxon England
from the 5th to 7th century

Paul Mortimer and Matt Bunker

The contributors to this book bring their practical and academic knowledge to an exploration of new ideas and information about the making and use of swords in the early Anglo-Saxon period. They provide an insight to the symbolism of swords, their decoration and place in society. Other items carried and worn by warriors are similarly treated. 

There is an extensive survey of writings about swords from the Early Middle Ages, together with discussions on the way swords may have been used and worn.  There is a chapter about the language of the sword and runic associations. Several modern sword-smiths have contributed knowledge gained from forging weapons. In addition to those who have contributed essays, there are many scholars, smiths, craftspeople, re-enactors and others who have added to the ideas, theories and discussions presented in this book.

£45 - Illustrations: 180 colour, 76 B&W.
Large format approx. 20x25cm - 8 x10 inches  478 pages



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